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 Living to the Max Company Values

 VALUEWhat does it mean for all staff
EnterprisingWe will:

  • Lead best practice intervention and look for new ways of doing things.
  • Be open to feedback and critique of our work.
  • Make small improvements every day
We will never:

  • Do things because that is the way they have always been done.
  • Get defensive when others challenge our thinking.
  • Take the easy option
TeamworkWe will:

  • Always show empathy and respect to others, both professionally and personally
  • Actively offer support and assistance to colleagues
  • Keep each other accountable by being open and honest
We will never:

  • Openly criticise others in the workplace
  • Discriminate against colleagues in the workplace
  • Dismiss the opinions of colleagues.  Everyone has equal right to be heard
ReliableWe will:

  • Always do what we say.  No exceptions.
  • Respond to clients, colleagues and stakeholders in a timely manner.
  • Notify clients and colleagues if we are running behind schedule.
We will never:

  • Have unrealistic expectations with respect to scheduling of appointments.
  • Compromise our integrity to meet an imposed deadline.
  • Schedule clients for financial gain and jeopardise the quality of our service.
RespectWe will:

  • Respect our clients and their wishes at all times.
  • Acknowledge it’s a client’s prerogative to accept or decline our intervention.
  • Treat all those who come into contact with LTTM with the respect we expect from others
We will never:

  • Force our recommendations, despite our best intentions, on a client or their family.
  • Take for granted, the privilege of entering a client’s private home.
  • Dismiss the thoughts, ideas or opinions of our clients or their family/carers.
IntegrityWe will:

  • Always maintain the highest of professional standards when representing LTTM.
  • Always act in the best interests of our clients.
  • Always act with honesty, transparency, empathy and respect.
We will never:

  • Compromise our professional standards
  • Be influenced to do anything other than what is in the best interests of our clients
  • Accept financial (or otherwise) incentives to refer clients to other health professionals or related service
Client-CentredWe will:

  • Talk with, not at our clients when finding customised solutions.
  • Actively engage with family and other stakeholders as true partners.
  • Always prioritise client needs above all els
We will never:

  • Suggest an intervention because it is easier for staff or other service providers.
  • View family or other stakeholders as peripheral
  • Impose our intervention on a client without their agreement



 BEHAVIOURWhat does it mean for all staff
  • Speaks in a friendly and professional manner
  • Communicates proactively, clearly and effectively with team members, peers and the leadership team
  • Tailors communication content, channel and style to the audience to increase understanding and acceptance
Develops Capability
  • Creates clarity for individuals on their performance and long-term development needs through skillful questioning
  • Provides timely coaching, practical advice and specific feedback to help others succeed and grow
  • Looks for opportunities to reinforce, reward and celebrate individual progress and achievements
Problem Solving
  • Seeks the input of others to fully understand issues, and takes the time to explore problems
  • Explores multiple options and formulates strategies to address problems
  • Takes action and sets up systems/procedures to prevent problems recurring
Builds Strong Relationships
  • Is able to cultivate rapport and build trust & credibility with key stakeholders
  • Proactively communicates with staff and others as needed
  • Listens attentively to others; demonstrates openness to other points of view
Clinical Expertise
  • Adapts work style and applies good judgement to situations to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved
  • Understands the regulations and legal requirements of the industry and the business in order to ensure business compliance
  • Learns new information and grasps new concepts quickly and easily
  • Works effectively with a diverse range of people from different cultures, backgrounds and professions
  • Adapts work style and applies good judgement to situations to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved
  • Demonstrates the ability to handle a broad range of different tasks and assignments