What is neurological rehabilitation?

Neurological rehabilitation under the care of an Occupational Therapist will consist of identifying and assessing performance areas which are of difficulty for you and then developing a plan with realistic and achievable goals to guide your rehabilitation. For some this may focus on improving reduced cognitive function such as memory loss, planning and problem solving, whereas for others it may be focused more on physical difficulties such as upper limb weakness, spasticity, or reduced coordination. Intervention is always goal orientated and client centred with a focus around maximising and enabling your independence, no matter what form this may take.

At Living to the Max Occupational Therapy, we are passionate about staying updated with the latest evidence-based research to guide our assessment and treatment techniques, to ensure that we are providing the best level of care for our clients. Specialising in clients who may have experienced:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) – trauma to the head commonly caused by motor vehicle accidents, falls or accidents.
  • Non-traumatic brain injury – such as stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, brain tumour.

Our Occupational Therapists will work closely with clients and families either in-home, in-clinic or via tele rehabilitation to develop a customised program that is goal directed, and specific to your needs. Area’s for assistance may include:

  • Sensory, motor, and upper limb function – focussed on improving motor power, management of spasticity, sensory loss, motor planning/praxis, fine motor coordination, and hand function, with an aim of regaining upper limb control and function.
  • Memory and cognition – Programs developed to improve memory, cognition, and executive functioning to increase independence and your ability to resume daily function.
  • Vision and visual perceptionPrograms will involve assessment of both primary visual skills and visual perception to guide retraining in the areas of deficit, teaching compensation techniques, substitution of unimpaired skills, or adapting the task or environment.
  • Functional Rehabilitation programs to enhance the management of personal care and domestic tasks, leisure interests, money management, study, work, and shopping.

Our Services

Assistive Technology/Aids

Whether it's for mobility, safety, communication or participation, be sure to get the right advice.

Home Modifications

From grab rails to major renovations to new builds, we have the expertise to ensure it's done right.

Supported Accommodation Assessments

We can determine your support & accommodation needs, including Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) needs.

Wheelchair seating & postural assessments

SA's leading expert in posture management & seating for those with complex disabilities & spinal injuries.

Manual person transfer assessments & plans

To ensure the safety of carers when lifting or transferring persons.

Pressure care management

We can help with the prevention & management of pressure ulcers.

Hospital Discharge Planning

In the transition from hospital to home, we can ensure the appropriate supports are in place.

Neurological Rehabilitation & Therapy

A wide range of upper limb treatments in-home, in-clinic or virtually via video conference.


We specialise in manual handling, carer training & disability access for businesses & commercial settings

Functional Capacity Assessments

We can assess your ability to function from day to day & prepare a plan to maximise your independence.

Therapy Clinic

A full range of assessment & therapy services are available in-clinic. Hoist transfers available.

Mental Health, Autism & Sensory Processing

We understand the challenges as they relate to mental illness, autism and sensory processing, and we’re here to help.

Our commitment to you

Here to support you

We are a South Australian based business who puts clients at the centre of evrything we do.  Most importantly, we know our WHY.

Why we help other South Australian families. Why we actively participate in the community. Why we support our fellow South Australians who are ravaged by bushfires. Why we contribute to causes that support our veterans. Why we embrace technology to enable unique and flexible ways to provide services to clients in isolation or those in regional areas.

For us it’s simple…..we love supporting you, your family, our community, our city, our state. What more reason do you need?

Thank you for helping us continue our why. Because that makes us feel a whole lot better.

Experience and expertise

Every referral is carefully screened by Tracie McInnes, our Managing Director and Chief Occupational Therapist, with 25 years’ experience working in aged care and adult disability. You can therefore have confidence that your Occupational Therapist will have the necessary experience to meet your needs.

Tracie also oversees all of our clinical services, ensuring the highest quality in everything we do. And, an industry leading mentorship and professional development program means our occupational therapists remain at the forefront of evidence-based best practice.

Exceptional customer service, guidance & support

From the very first time you contact us, you will feel at ease. That’s because we have Jessica (Jess), our Client Support Officer. Jess will take the time to guide you through the process and ensure you have everything you need to make an informed decision about your occupational therapy services.

Should you decide to proceed with our services, Jess will be with you every step of the way, ensuring complete transparency……you will know exactly what services will be provided, why it will be provided, how it will be provided, who will provide it and how much it will cost……and then we will ask you how we went to ensure we got it right.

To us, it all comes down to integrity………like you, we value our independence above all else, understanding that independence fosters integrity, honesty and accountability. For this reason we only provide occupational therapy. That way, if we refer you to a speech therapist, physio, podiatrist, exercise physiologist, dietician or any other provider, you’ll know it’s in your best interests, not ours.

Flexible service delivery

You choose how you want your services delivered. We are uniquely placed in our ability to provide services in one of three ways…..in your home, in our state-of-the-art clinic, or virtually via an easy to use web based platform. It provides us with unprecedented flexibility, allowing us to not only service the greater Adelaide area and Adelaide Hills, but also those in rural and isolated regions.

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