Hospital discharge planning

Hospital discharge planning is an important part of any hospital admission. It plays an integral role in ensuring a smooth transition from hospital to your home. This is achieved by making sure that appropriate clinical and community based support services are in place if required.  It is the link between hospitals, community-based services, organisations, families and carers.

At Living to the Max Occupational Therapy Services, we take great care in working with the hospital and/or rehabilitation facility to ensure that you have the necessary support, services and/or equipment available to aid your recovery and maintain your desired level of independence.  Although the hospital and/or rehabilitation facility is responsible for ensuring all issues relating to your care after discharge are addressed, our occupational therapists can provide comprehensive pre-admission and post-discharge home assessments to assist with the discharge planning process.

Your Hospital Discharge Planning Checklist

A representative will be assigned by your hospital and/or rehabilitation facility to oversee your discharge plan.  It is vital that any special needs following discharge are identified early so that the appropriate discharge plans can be made. We encourage you to discuss the following with the hospital staff prior to, or during your stay in hospital.

  • Your expected date of discharge – this will help you plan your return home
  • Inform the hospital of your living arrangements – e.g. do you live alone, is there someone who can assist you when you go home, what services you currently receive, are you the carer for someone in your home
  • Expectations regarding your recovery and how long it will take to recover
  • Any possible restrictions on your activities e.g. lifting, driving a car, food preparation
  • Your ability to cope at home either with or without a carer needs to be considered carefully – do you need respite care or will you require community support services such as assistance with medication or cleaning
  • Any equipment requirements to assist in your recovery and independence

We can provide services to any of Adelaide’s hospitals and/or rehabilitation facilities as part of your discharge plan.

We welcome your enquiry to discuss your hospital discharge planning requirements.  Please contact us here