Cassie Reading

Position title: Business Partner & Principal Occupational Therapist
Office phone: (08) 8331 0566
Geographical areas covered (OT only): Metropolitan Adelaide and Adelaide Hills. Other areas by negotiation.


I have a passion for Occupational Therapy and the real difference we can make for those we work with. I enjoy working with Occupational Therapists to help them thrive to be the best client-centred therapist they can be. My current role as the Living to the Max (LTTM) Business Partner and Principal Occupational Therapist, allows me to reach both goals!

As the Business Partner, I am responsible for the overall financial and operational performance of LTTM in line with the strategic direction of the business. I also oversee the quality of our clinical services to ensure the ongoing satisfaction of clients and referrers. This includes:

  • Quality control to ensure reports and clinical recommendations meet client needs and meet evidence-based practice standards.
  • Implementing quality systems and processes to support our clinical services.
  • Establishing key quality metrics to measure and report on the quality of our clinical services.
  • Leading initiatives in staff well-being and self-care to enable staff to be the best version of themselves in assisting others.
  • Identifying professional development needs of the clinical staff group and facilitation of internal and external professional development opportunities.
  • Use of technology to improve efficiencies and maximise record keeping in diverse clinical applications.

I am currently completing a Diploma in Leadership and Management. I love learning new ways to be a better Occupational Therapist and leader!

On a side note, I am also a Mum of an Autistic tween and NDIS participant. Being in the carer role of a NDIS participant gives me the unique understanding of the NDIS strengths and challenges.


I graduated from Curtin University in 2001 after successfully completing a Bachelor Science (Occupational Therapy). My first Occupational Therapy role was in community health working in the Margaret River wine region. I worked with both paediatric and adult clients in their homes, schools, and community clinics. I then swapped the coastal, wine region lifestyle for the United Kingdom, where I worked for three years across hospital and community settings.

Upon returning to Perth, I was employed at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital for 14 years. I was fortunate to experience a variety of clinical areas at the hospital, including over 65s rehabilitation ward; emergency department; orthopaedics and surgical; acute care of the elderly; and general medicine. I had the opportunity to develop my leadership and management skills progressing from a Senior Occupational Therapist to a Team Leader. Throughout my time in the hospital, I felt the pull back to the community setting particularly working with young people.

In July 2020, I returned to working with young people in the community at AIM Therapy for Children. I re-discovered my passion for Occupational Therapy and what it can offer young people and their families. My career progressed to working with Autistic young people, focusing on mental health and sensory processing. I completed my Postgraduate Certificate in Child and Adolescent Mental Health in 2022, receiving the Dean’s Commendation for Academic Excellence. My studies further fueled my passion for young people and mental health.  I fulfilled a clinical and leadership role at AIM Therapy for Children as a Clinical Coordinator and Senior Occupational Therapist.

AIM Therapy for Children became part of the MedHealth group in October 2022, opening a range of support and opportunities for the team. Joining the MedHealth group facilitated my journey to Living to the Max. I joined the Living to the Max Occupational Therapy team in July 2023. I am incredibly impressed with the level of experience, passion, and expertise the Living to the Max team possesses. I am excited to continue my Occupational Therapy practice as part of the team!


As an Occupational Therapist I have worked with clients across the age range of 0-105 years, allowing me the opportunity to gain understanding of the differing age-related strengths and challenges. The fundamental human needs of respect, authentic interactions and choice remain the same despite age, which are the values that guide my daily practice. I value the impact completing activities that are meaningful have on a person’s quality of life.

I currently focus on working with clients and their significant others in the Autism, mental health, and sensory processing spaces. I have an interest in the late primary school through to early adult years. Progressing from primary to high school, then out of high school into post-high school options is a challenging time for participants and their families, and I aim to assist all stakeholders through the transition successfully.  My clinical expertise includes:

  • Functional and care needs assessments.
  • Occupational Therapy developmental assessments and interventions.
  • Sensory assessments and implementation of sensory based intervention programs.
  • Child and young person Occupational Therapy mental health assessment and wellbeing management.
  • Assisting with managing challenging behaviours from an Occupational Therapy perspective.
  • Developing functional independence and planning for developmental transitions (for example, primary to high school).
  • Assistive Technology (assessment and prescription).
  • Liaison between stakeholders to reach client goals.

On a personal note, together with my husband, three children and rescue greyhound, I enjoy spending time outdoors. We enjoy camping, bike riding and time at the beach. We are a neurodiverse house, with lots of sensory and social preferences to accommodate. I love a good book and movie. My happy places are at the nursery and with my plants!

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