In-home rehabilitation

At Living to the Max Occupational Therapy Services, our primary focus is on in-home functional occupational therapy rehabilitation.  That is, rehabilitation that is integrated into your daily activities to reduce or eliminate dysfunction – a temporary or chronic inability to engage in the daily activities undertaken pre illness or injury. The goal of occupational therapy intervention is to:

  • Promote personal independence and restore function to normal or near normal
  • Restore function through graded practice of the task
  • Retrain how to execute functional tasks
  • Develop new skills (where required), with or without the use of assistive aids, equipment or environmental adaptations

Our occupational therapists take a cross-disciplinary approach to ensure that community based health professionals are working together to achieve jointly agreed rehabilitative goals. We aim to extend any in-patient rehabilitation already undertaken and will refer to other, appropriate health professionals where required. Furthermore, our approach t in home occupational therapy rehabilitation is holistic in its very nature, ensuring that our intervention is not only functional, but sustainable.

Living to the Max Occupational Therapy Services focuses on all forms of functional rehabilitation occupational therapy. We do however specialise in stroke recovery.

We welcome your enquiry to discuss your In house rehabilitation operational therapy requirements. Please contact us here