Ergonomic assessments

Poor workstation posture is the underlying cause of many musculoskeletal disorders.  It is therefore essential that workstations and associated accessories are customised as much as possible to avoid or reduce the risk of pain and injury.

At Living to the Max Occupational Therapy Services, our ergonomic assessments can be provided for a single employee, a particular work group or for the whole organisation.  All ergonomic assessments are performed by qualified Occupational Therapists with extensive experience in workplace safety.  All our assessments include a detailed report on key assessment findings, current or potential injuries and proposed recommendations.

We can offer a number of different options to cater for both small and large businesses, from group sessions to highly customised individual assessments.  These include:

1. Group session

These sessions are suited to larger groups of workers needing general ergonomic advice.  Our Occupational Therapist will facilitate the training session which covers the importance of postural awareness, the basics of correct ergonomic setup and common injuries and faults.  The aim of these sessions is for employees to return to their workstations and make the necessary corrections based on what they have learnt.  We can also visit each of their individual workstations to answer any further queries they might have or to check the modifications they have made.  A list of recommended aids or equipment (if required) will be provided to management.

2. Group Assessments

Our group workstation assessments take up to 30 minutes per employee and are focused on prevention.  These assessments are best suited to employees not currently experiencing any symptoms or those with only minor issues.  Our Occupational Therapist will review the individual and their workstation, identify any issues, modify the workstation (if required) to minimise risk of injury and provide recommendations in terms of self-management strategies, ergonomic accessories and safe work practices.  A brief report is provided to management documenting current issues, recommendations and changes implemented.

3. Customised assessment (one-on-one)

These ergonomic assessments are recommended for those employees who are experiencing pain, discomfort or associated symptoms of poor ergonomic practices.  Our Occupational Therapist is able to perform one-on-one assessments to identify risk factors, past injuries and underlying causes of advised symptoms.  We are then able to provide recommendations on appropriate intervention.  Our primary aim is to resolve and/or significantly improve symptoms when at work and prevent the likelihood of aggravation re-occurring.  The assessment includes a detailed report to management on current issues and hazards, advice given to employee, changes made to workstation, any ergonomic accessories needed, details of current injuries and aggravating factors and any necessary referrals.

4. Home office ergonomic assessment

All employers have a duty of care under current legislation to provide a safe workplace for their employees.  If an employee is undertaking approved work from home, this includes their home office.  This level of assessment ensures your workers home office has been assessed for ergonomic risk factors.  Depending on the current status of the employee, we can undertake an assessment based on either the group assessment or customised assessment.

We welcome your enquiry to discuss your ergonomic requirements.  Please contact us here