Falls Risk & Home Safety

Have you, or a loved one, experienced a fall recently?  Is remaining in your own home important to you? Are you finding you are not quite as agile as you once were?  Is there a task or activity that you want to do independently but are struggling to do so?

Older Australians commonly answer yes to these questions however, with expert advice together with practical solutions,  a vast majority of people can remain living independently and continue doing the things they want and need to.

Importantly, by taking a proactive approach to your health and wellbeing there is overwhelming evidence that preventative measures significantly reduce the incidence of injury and often lengthy hospital stays.

That is where we can help.  Our team of tertiary qualified (4 years) Occupational Therapists have extensive experience in assessing your home environment – or that of a loved one – to maintain independence, minimise falls risk and maximise general home safety.

From the relocation of floor mats and advice on lighting through to the installation of grab rails and access ramps, we take great pride in ensuring your safety through expert advice and, where required, the prescription of appropriate home modifications and/or assistive equipment.

Most importantly, it means receiving the right advice from experienced professionals – staff who will take the time to consult with you or a loved one, not dictate solutions.  It’s about understanding what’s important to you in getting the most out of each and every day.  We can then help facilitate you undertaking those activities of daily living as independently and as safely as possible.  Often, points of discussion will include:

  • The safety of floor coverings, internal/external walkways and stairs
  • Accessibility of regularly used items in the kitchen and laundry
  • Potential risks when toileting, showering and/or bathing
  • Lighting, particularly around walkways, stairs and access to night time toileting
  • External access to and from the home
  • Accessibility of clotheslines, garages and sheds
  • Safety of decks/verandahs and inspection of existing ramps and/or safety rails

The falls risk and home safety assessment is a fixed fee of $295.

Private Health insurance rebates are available with extras cover inclusive of occupational therapy.  A Medicare rebate of $52.95 is also available if referred by your GP as part of a GP care plan arrangement, reducing your out of pocket expense to $242.05*.  The fee includes:


1. Travel to and from your home within the Adelaide metropolitan area

2. A comprehensive home assessment with an emphasis on falls prevention, home safety and managing your daily living*

3. A full written summary of recommendations aimed at maximising your level of independence and home safety, including the prescription of assistive and/or mobility aids (if required) and where and how to source*.  A summary of recommendations are also provided to your GP, with your permission, for their records.

For your own peace of mind, we are pleased to advise that we gain no financial benefit as a result of prescribing assistive aids and/or home modifications.  Nor do we have any financial interest or affiliation with any equipment or home modifications supplier or other providers.  We are proudly independent which ensures that everything we do is in the best interests of you as the client.

We welcome your enquiry to discuss our falls prevention services. Please contact us here or complete our referral form and we will be pleased to contact you to discuss.

* You are unable to attract a rebate from both your Private Health insurer and Medicare for the same appointment.  Please speak with your Private Health insurer regarding your eligibility and the associated rebate available for occupational therapy.

* The falls risk and home safety assessment is for an average size home and up to a maximum time of 1 hour. 

* Should home modifications be recommended (grab rails, steps, access ramps etc), our Occupational Therapist will discuss these options with you.  The prescription and design of home modifications is an optional service that we would be happy to assist you with if required.  An additional cost for this service would apply and a no obligation quote is provided for your consideration. 

We welcome your enquiry to discuss falls prevention.  Please contact us here