Wheelchair seating and postural analysis

At Living to the Max Occupational Therapy Services, we specialise in optimising the physical wellbeing of individuals with severe and complex disability.

Tracie McInnes, Managing Director and Senior Occupational Therapist, is one of South Australia’s leading experts on posture management and seating for those with complex disabilities and spinal injuries.  Tracie also specialises in major home modifications and manual handling including manual transfer assessments and plans.

We believe in finding customised solutions to provide comfort, improve function and prevent secondary complications which result from poor posture. The results of poor postural management are well-documented:

  • Contractures and spasticity
  • Poor systemic function
  • Immobility
  • Increased pain and discomfort
  • Tissue trauma
  • Increased dependency
  • Muscle fatigue

We work with seating and equipment providers to provide clients with customised equipment to meet their posture and lifestyle needs.  We can offer a high level of support throughout every stage of this process.  We can:

  • Undertake an in-depth assessment, provide a detailed report and prescribe customised solutions
  • Provide support and guidance in acquiring and/or customising appropriate seating and posture management equipment
  • Explore practical solutions for clients, their families and carers
  • Follow up and review prescribed equipment
  • Provide training for family, carers, school, workplace etc

Our ultimate aim is to assist you in finding a wheelchair suited to your individual needs.  With this in mind, the options to consider include:

  • A basic folding manual wheelchair
  • Rigid frame manual wheelchairs for more active users
  • Highly customised manual wheelchairs with tilt in space and customised seating
  • All terrain manual wheelchairs
  • Powered wheelchairs to cater for a wide range of needs

We are also a registered NDIS provider so welcome enquiries from NDIS participants.

We welcome your enquiry to discuss wheelchair seating and/or postural analysis.  Please contact us here or complete the online referral form