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There is a plethora of resources available from a wide variety of sources.  The challenge we find is sorting the good information from the bad and consolidating that information in one location.

This page will be a work in progress as we continue to develop, as well as source, the very best information from around the world and make it available you.

Guides, fact sheets and resources

Falls prevention

  • ArticleDangers of falling over on the rise (AdelaideNow, 22 February 2013)

Home modifications, assistive aids and equipment

Government funded aged care packages

Living with a disability

Pressure care management

Upper limb rehabilitation

Stroke recovery


We are often asked ‘what is occupational therapy?’.  The diverse nature and areas of specialty within occupational therapy makes the question difficult to answer.  We have however found two useful videos that we think provide an excellent overview of occupational therapy.